41891875 - an ancient oaks leafy treetop.

an ancient oaks leafy treetop.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) is very likely going to make it mandatory to prune oak trees no later than the end of February in order to slow down the spread of Oak Wilt disease, which has started to wipe out oak trees.

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Among their recommendations:

Protect your oak trees from deadly disease: prune in winter
Oak wilt, a deadly fungal disease for oak trees was discovered in six new locations in New York last year. This disease can be spread by beetles that are attracted to freshly cut or injured trees. Pruning in winter protects oaks from becoming infected.

Prune oaks between October and February – NOT during the growing season.
Follow existing regulations and quarantines meant to protect our trees and forests.
Don’t move firewood. Firewood can transport oak wilt and other deadly pests and diseases to new areas.
Learn to identify the symptoms of oak wilt which include discoloration around the entire leaf edge and sudden loss of a substantial portion of leaves during the summer.

For questions, contact the DEC Forest Health office at 1-866-640-0652, or email photos of tree symptoms to: foresthealth@dec.ny.gov.

Here is link to bulletin:https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/NYSDEC/bulletins/17fe6a4