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Winter Backyard

Winter is going to come to the east end this year like a freight train from the heart of Siberia and now is the time to get your trees ready for it! At Fox Tree we’re already pre-treating boxwoods and other ornamentals for next spring with dormant fungicides to protect existing trees against the sure-to-come onslaught of blight and other plant diseases next season. We’re also getting our boxwoods and other trees ready for the long, cold months ahead by inoculating their roots with bio-stimulants and mycorhizzal fortifiers, especially those stressed by last year’s salt damage and storm damage, as well as recently planted trees. The best defense for trees against a long, cold winter (and next year’s plant diseases) is to strengthen them up via their root systems (rhizospheres) so they are in good condition and have plenty of reserve next spring. Fertilizing now with root inoculants is extremely effective because it has been shown that these soil microbes and the trees’ root systems actually remain active throughout the dormant season. We are also highly recommending the use of anti-desiccant “winter hardy” sprays to boxwoods, hollies, rhododendrons, andromedas, cherry laurels, southern magnolias, euonymous and other broadleaf evergreens this coming month (and throughout the winter, if possible), to protect foliage against damaging wind and salt spray. Call Fox Tree today and get your beloved trees ready for the long, cold winter!

  • Fertilize stressed and important trees now with bio-stimulants and mycorhizzal inoculants.
  • Protect broadleaf evergreens (boxwoods, hollies, rhododendrons, andromedas, cherry laurels, southern magnolias, euonymous, etc.) with antis-desiccant treatments.
  • Arrange inspection of large trees and have all deadwood pruning, hazard tree removal, cabling and staking done before winter storms arrive.
  • Arrange dormant horticultural oil and fungicide treatments now for boxwoods, crabapples, shads, roses, cherries and other ornamentals that may be in danger of plant disease problems next spring