Fox Tree crew augering holes in compacted soil

A common problem facing trees and ornamentals in landscapes throughout Long Island is the issue of soil compaction. Whether we’re talking about large existing trees or newly planted specimens, our tree experts often encounter damaged or poorly thriving root zones caused by compacted soil. Roots are the engines that power up every tree’s biology and store energy for the next season. If the root zones are affected by soil compaction from construction equipment, pool equipment, old driveways and other factors, trees begin to shut down. Compaction prevents new feeder roots from forming each year and can cause drainage issues which leads to water-saturated, anaerobic conditions. If you plant trees in compacted soil they will rarely succeed. Worst of all, compacting the soil in the root area of large existing trees (through home construction, pool construction or poor landscaping practices) can lead to death and hazardous conditions. Another issue is the presence of “bands” of clay deposits in various areas of Long Island from Nassau to Montauk. Clay causes the same problems as compacted soils by not allowing roots the air space to grow and regenerate.

At Fox Tree, our crews can break up soil compaction by augering into the compacted areas, and filling in with loose organic material. This allows the soil to move and break up during wintertime frost heaving. It also creates “pipes” to allow water to drain through the compacted layer into the sand below. We’ve had great success with this practice, so if you think your property suffers from compaction issues, contact us today to get an estimate and get on our schedule