Fallen tree from Sandy

What happens when you don’t prune trees before storms

Beech pruned by Fox Tree

Beech tree pruned by Fox Tree this year, picture taken day after Hurricane Sandy

Fox Tree finally got internet back and can post again. I know you all are recovering from storm damage caused by Hurricane Sandy! Our crews have been working from first light to beyond last light seven days a week and will continue to do so. We’re not going to post pictures, and descriptions of tree damage and trees falling on houses, cars, et. al. because the net is already flooded with this. More significant is what our crews and salesmen are seeing at properties where our customers have had their trees pruned in the last few years: little or no significant damage. Our office even received several calls on Tuesday thanking us for preventing trees from falling by reducing their wind-sail effect. One property in Muttontown was especially notable: the trees we had pruned were all left standing and the trees we had recommended pruning, but which the homeowner had decided to wait on, were all laying on the ground. The homeowner told us “Never again!” Cabling, reducing wind-sail effect, removing deadwood and removing dangerous limbs are the best bet before a storm hits. Afterwards it’s usually too late. In fact, it’s often less expensive to spend $1000 pruning your trees ahead of time instead of spending $5000 after a storm to clean up downed trees and repair damage to houses and cars. Fox Tree is booked solid right now, but with the prospect of Nor’easters coming this winter, we are offering discounted rates for work scheduled now that can be done after Thanksgiving. Give us a call ASAP ‘cuz the lines are burning up right now!