If you live on Long Island, are from Long Island, or have ever been to Long Island, there is one thing you may have noticed… we have a deer problem. And as cute and innocent as they may seem, they pose a HUGE problem for us. So the question becomes, how do we safely banish Bambi back into the brush?

Fencing has become an increasingly expensive option. Not only do installation and maintenance costs rise every year, but the recommended height for effective fencing is an unsightly, whopping 8 FEET! So address the source of the problem, before your property starts to resemble a prison… FOOD.

Unfortunately, deer aren’t picky eaters. A hungry deer consumes 5-10 lbs of food daily. So before they reserve a table for two, in your backyard, you should consider these 2 important points:

  1. Studies have shown there are certain types of ornamentals that sustain LESS damage than others.  Consider this list when adding to, or replacing, the ornamentals in your yard-

Paper Birch

Common Boxwood

Russian Olive

American Holly

Drooping Leucothoe

Colorado Blue Spruce

Japanese Pieris

2. For everything ELSE in your yard, there is a simple, efficient, and cost effective way to prevent deer from ravaging your property. When applied properly and routinely, this treatment can be over 99.5% effective!



When routinely applied to the delicious vegetation adorning your property, the family of foragers will immediately make reservations elsewhere. This is because our specially formulated repellent works on multiple levels. First, it creates and incredibly bitter taste which makes all your prize plantings utterly inedible. Secondly, it creates a barrier around your property with an odor they find incredibly foul. This one-two punch will effectively keep your property deer-free.

So before these ferocious free-loaders turn your property into a fast food frenzy, call us here at Fox!

As always,

Think Trees,

Think Fox!