Spring Cleaning!

Spring time is bursting with life and renewal. It’s a great time to air out the house, hang out the rugs, and start trucking in loads of antihistamines. You may find that the long, cold winter has left your yard looking a bit neglected. But not to worry, Fox Tree is here to help you whip your yard into shape!


Feed Me!

Anyone who knows how to impress their neighbors will tell you that fertilizing is key! A spring feeding will help revitalize root systems, drenching them with the nutrients essential for growth and vigor. Our targeted fertilization program is designed to flood your property with the nutrients necessary for sustained health. We expertly combine organic materials with probiotics to create a controlled release feeding system, rich in everything your plants and trees need.


Like what?

Most homeowners are familiar with the N-P-K label found on most bags of fertilizer. This of course refers to the percentage of the (N)-Nitrogen, (P)-Phosphorus, and (K)-Potassium found in their product. These fertilizers are often referred to as “complete”, yet they are far from it.

We here at Fox incorporate the most comprehensive feeding system scientifically formulated to deliver not only the correct nutrients, but beneficial microorganisms when root systems need them the most.


Really? How?

Our blend of probiotics supplements and stimulates the microbes naturally found in your soil to get to work. These microbes are vital to the delivery of the nutrients found in both your yard and fertilizer. These microorganisms help release and carry essential nutrition through the soil. They also break down larger minerals, making them more readily available to root systems, when they need them. We strategically distribute our different blends to the areas of your property that require a nutritional boost. These areas are well defined, based on the recommendation of our licensed arborists, who will always walk your property to create a treatment plan based solely on education and experience.