Storm Damage 2017 over car

We recently got an emergency call to remove a storm toppled tree off of someone’s car. Our guys were dispatched immediately and the tree was carefully and safely removed from the vehicle. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the car could be driven to the repair shop. There’s no worse feeling than having a tree come down during one of the frequent storms we have in Long Island. You may be lucky and nobody gets injured, but it’s really no fun to have your power knocked out or your driveway blocked during a freezing cold Nor’easter or ice storm.

Please call us today to have an experienced arborist check your trees and take care of any hazards. Remember, too, that it is usually cheaper to prune, crown-clean, or even remove trees before a disaster can occur than it is after the tree is lying on wires or against a house. We have found that the best bet is to be on a regular pruning and Plant Health Care program to avoid future problems. Call us today at (631) 698-2929