It’s that time of year again! If you live on Long Island, you know that means the EXPLOSION of tick season. As these teeny vampires descend on your property, it is paramount to take the necessary precautions to protect your family, pets and property. “New York has the highest number of confirmed Lyme disease cases nationwide, according to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has cataloged more than 95,000 Lyme infections in the state since 1986.[1]” This alarming fact should only solidify your resolve to use repeated, trusted techniques to control the tick population that is growing at an exponential rate.

Ticks and larva can survive harsh winters by dropping to the ground and hibernating in the leaf litter. In the spring, they will attach to small hosts like mice. As they feed and grow they will move on to larger hosts like dogs, cats, deer and humans. They are picked up by contact transmission. They do not fly, jump, or drop onto a host. Ticks will wait or “quest” for a host in tall grasses and wooded areas, hoping for an animal to brush past. Once aboard, they will insert their mouth parts into the host.[2] A tick that has latched on has the potential to transmit many diseases.


We here at Fox care deeply for the health and safety of your family and property. We are here to HELP! We regularly perform pest control sprays specifically designed to control the population of ticks on your property. Not only do we use a contact insecticide but a repellent as well. Effective repellents using reduced-risk, organic materials are always available. Regular sprays will help keep you tick-free!

Other ways to reduce contact with ticks include:

  • Wear long sleeves and pants while outdoors in wooded or grassy areas.
  • Wear light colored clothing! Ticks are very small and bright colors may make spotting them much easier.
  • Tuck your pants into your socks. This prevents ticks from crawling under your pants.
  • Stay centered on trails and pathways. Avoid the taller grasses and plants.
  • Use repellants when outdoors in tick-prone areas.



We here at Fox are ready to get out there and help you make the most of your property. Our educated, licensed, and experienced arborists are always available to answer any questions and keep your property pest free!

So as always,

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