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Keep It Green

We use an integrated, reduced-risk program to keep the ecosystem safe while controlling insects and plant diseases which harm your trees.


Knowledge is the Key

Our arborists are trained and licensed to handle all kinds of tree issues, including site diagnosis, plant health care, pruning, and tree removals


The Personal Touch

Unlike franchise companies, each client has a personal arborist to check their trees, direct their services, and to meet with whenever needed

Need to get your trees under control?


  1. Happy Arbor Day!!

    Happy Arbor Day to all our tree loving friends! Plant a tree today and help reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Call us for any help with your trees and shrubs, including tree pruning, insect and disease control, fertilizing, cabling, tree removals and any questions about trees. Fox Tree is...
  2. Tick…tick…tick….

    We’re going into springtime this year under the threat of a good-sized explosion in our tick population, including lone star ticks and black-legged deer ticks. This means potential harm from Lyme Disease., Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis and an allergy to red meat (it sounds funny until it affects you.)...
  3. Winter Storm Safety Pruning

    Another serious winter storm is hitting Long Island, especially Suffolk County. More snow is expected over next few days, followed by freezing temperatures! We hope that you and your family are safe and OK. Storms with high winds like this cause limbs to come down and remind us how important it is to...
  4. Bad News: Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

    The signs are pointing to another potential massive outbreak of gypsy moth caterpillars this spring. Egg masses have been spotted on forest trees from Nassau to Montauk, including Syosset, Smithtown, Holbrook, Islip, Patchogue, Riverhead, Cutchogue, Southampton and East Hampton. Cornell Extension’s entomologists have confirmed that parasitic wasps have been at...
  5. Save Money – Prune Your Trees

    Hope all of you made it OK through the first big blizzard of 2016. The snow’s melting and now is the time ti get on the calendar before the next big one. If you were feeling a little nervous about your trees and falling limbs as the wind was howling,...
  6. First Blizzard of 2016 – Are Your Trees Ready?

    Well folks, the time has come for the first serious winter storm to hit Long Island in 2016. Certainly it won’t be the last! We hope that you and your family get through no problem, but please call us if any limbs come crashing down or (God forbid) any trees...
  7. Winter Pruning Is The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

    Pruning your trees in the winter will take care of hazard tree problems before any problems occur, rather than when your house has been trashed or your driveway blocked. Recent wind storms have knocked out power by toppling trees and dropping limbs. More serious storms are already en route. When the ground was frozen we...
  8. Why Treat For Ticks In The Fall?

    The east end and , indeed, all of Long Island is currently experiencing a major outbreak of ticks, especially lone star ticks. Black-legged deer ticks have long been a problem and are known carriers of Lyme Disease. Lone Star ticks are also vectors of diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted...
  9. Winter Drought Stress

    Long Island is headed for another tough winter, probably as bad as last year or worse. Extended, severe temperatures will cause damage to the leaves and needles of evergreen trees. We’re highly recommending an anti desiccant application ASAP and again when possible throughout the winter months to reduce damage. Call us to...
  10. We Won Again!!

    Once again our customers have overwhelmingly voted Fox Tree as Dans Papers Best-of-theBest for 2014 in both tree service and tick/ mosquito treatment categories! Thanks to all of our customers!


Syosset, New York (516) 921-7111

Farmingville, 1046 Portion Road, Farmingville NY 11738 (631) 698-2929