Tick & Mosquito Prevention

Tick Invasion

Invasion of Ticks

Are you concerned about the outbreaks of insect borne diseases affecting Long Island residents? Are you worried about ticks, mosquitoes and fleas biting your pets and infecting them with heart-worms, tapeworms or other parasites and diseases? Or are you planning a party this season and just want to protect your guests against mosquito bites?

Biting insects have become a fact of life throughout the east end of Long Island due to woodlands and salt water wetlands that make up our environment. Protect your family from Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia and the West Nile Virus with a careful, well-timed spray treatment program. It is possible to reduce the populations of deer ticks, dog ticks, fleas, chiggers, and mosquitoes that may cause worry and discomfort at your property. Fox Tree has developed reduced risk programs (organics) using biologically-derived materials that can help control and repel these pests from your landscape.

We use materials derived from rosemary oil, cedar oil, citronella oil and even garlic to create an environment friendly program that is safe for your children and pets.

At Fox Tree Service we will:

Meet with you and evaluate your property for a program best suited to your needs

Implement a treatment program

Discuss with you potential cultural practices that may help reduce biting insect populations

Please contact our team of specialists for an evaluation and proposal