Serving Huntington, Syosset and Surrounding area

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Plant Health Care

Fox Tree Service designs and implement programs to help control and prevent insects and plant diseases that can harm the trees and ornamentals at your property. There is never a charge for initial diagnoses and estimates. We also diagnose cultural problems such as drainage, compaction, tree planting issues, girdling roots and many others.

Crown Cleaning, Vista Pruning & Tree Removals

We specialize in the aesthetic pruning of trees and ornamentals at your property to improve their safety, vigor and beauty. We crown clean trees to remove crossing/ rubbing branches, clear out dead wood, let in light, and improve air circulation. We prune fruit trees to improve the health and quality of the fruit. We vista prune selective locations to improve water views or other scenic vistas. We also can remove trees as needed or requested and grind the stumps below grade. We are experts at cabling, stabilizing and otherwise improving the safety of your trees.

Root Collar Excavation

We are specialists at root collar excavation using an air spade to prune girdling roots, remove wire baskets or nylon straps, or free the root collars of trees that have either been initially planted too deep or have settled over the course of time. This technique can often save trees that would otherwise go into decline.

Site Assessment and Remediation

We are expert at assessing site problems such as compaction, drainage issues, competition, poor planting practices, poor soil conditions and other problems. We can take soil samples for advanced soil testing. We can also use a variety of techniques including augering, soil fracturing, composting, mycorrhizae injection, air-spading, radial trenching, root pruning and many others to improve site conditions.

Hazardous Tree Assessment and Removal

Our arborists can diagnose potentially dangerous conditions in trees at your property including trunk and basal rot, weak crotches, included bark and many other issues. We can then come up with a plan to help you deal with safety issues including removal, cabling and bracing.

Selection of Trees and Ornamentals

We can consult with your landscape architect to help select trees and ornamentals that will flourish under the specific conditions at your property: sun, shade, water features, etc. We can help select varieties of trees that are disease and insect resistant and have an arborist available to make sure the planting is done correctly.